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Where you should live in Utah

Salt Lake City skyline UtahUtah is a hot spot — not just for one specific demographic. It’s a hot spot for singles and families, for outdoor enthusiasts, for art lovers, for, well, everybody! There is no doubt that the state is a beautiful and affordable place to live. And with many activities both indoors and outdoors, including hiking, skiing, great shopping and diverse cuisines, you’re sure to find something to love.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune in 2018, “Utah’s population grew by an estimated 52,664 people this year — equivalent to adding a city the size of Logan.” Regardless of if you are planning on moving to Utah or if you are currently living here and simply want to switch up your surroundings, there are great towns and neighborhoods for every type.

This list of the best 15 places to live in Utah includes places for families, young couples and also single adults. Park City is the number one most desirable place to live in Utah — especially for ski buffs. It is considered one of the more expensive locations in the state, but it has lots of perks, like the mountains in your backyard and great restaurants. And it’s also home to the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival.

For a more affordable and family-friendly area, Fruit Heights, which is a suburb of Salt Lake City, is considered one of the best places to buy a house. Fruit Heights has a variety of different schools, all of which have amazing test scores. Speaking of education, the highest-rated area for public schools is Summit Park, another beautiful area that is family-friendly.

For young adults and most millennials, the hot place to be is North Salt Lake. Since it is closer to the city than other suburbs, many millenials buy their first house in this area. Obviously, while it is close to the city and the cultural hub, it is also a safe area with lots of parks and trails nearby.

Utah is a great state with a place for everybody. If you are looking to buy your new home in Utah, The Molina Group is ready to help.

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