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Top colleges in the Bay Area

21732759 - dramatic sunset over san francisco bay and the campanileWhether you are looking to go back to school in a higher-education program or are researching universities close to home for your children, the Bay Area has numerous excellent colleges, both four-year and two-year options, that are definitely worth looking into!

Attending school in California has its perks, such as great in-state scholarships, warm weather and proximity to the beach. Here is a quick rundown of some of the more prominent and highly-ranked schools in the Bay Area:

  1. University of California – Berkeley: Located only 15 miles from San Francisco, Berkeley is known for its thriving student programs and cutting-edge research. There are more than 1,000 student organizations and over 14 colleges, including both undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of its more renowned programs include the School of Law and College of Engineering
  2. University of San Francisco: A private institution, there are only around 7,000 students – perfect for those who thrive in a more personal environment. It is a Jesuit-Catholic school; however, this allows students to participate in many service-learning courses, and academic work is incorporated with volunteer work around the city! As a school that is committed to bettering the community, it also provides a great student life with many clubs and a popular Greek life!
  3. San Francisco State University: Home of the Gators, SF State is very affordable compared to many California state schools with in-state tuition only around $7,260! With an urban environment, SFSU is commuter-friendly and has many public transportation stops near the campus. Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs including its College of Ethnic Studies.

Some other notable community colleges in the Bay Area are Ohlone College and Las Positas College! The Bay Area is not only an amazing place to live, but it’s also an amazing place to get an education. Best of luck in finding the perfect school!

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