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Tips for winter yard care

Scenic view of San Francisco bay framed by buildings along StockWinter, such as it is, is almost here in the Bay Area, which means it is important to do some house prep, especially for your yards, to be ready to go in the spring. Taking the right steps for your gardens now will ensure a beautiful looking yard now and in a few months.

The University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources has a very useful monthly garden checklist specific to San Francisco. It is important to remember that in December you can still plant tulips and some vegetables. With the next few months typically getting heavy rainfall, planting perennials can help establish roots to enable full bloom when the time comes. Other recommendations the division has are to feed the birds, plant some annuals and keep holiday plants and trees well-watered away from sunny windows.

Preparing your garden and yard can be therapeutic, but it can also help your house look unique and polished – whether you just bought it or are planning to sell it.

If you aren’t much of a gardener there are more simple steps you can take to achieve a clean, beautiful look. This includes basic work such as adding mulch, getting rid of weeds and taking care of your grass. You can also try container gardening using different flower pots to add even more design — container gardening is much easier to manage but is usually more seasonal with the spring and the summer. However, placing these pots in strategic areas can really add to the whole aesthetic of your yard.

A little work now will show big results for you to enjoy in the future.

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