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Add curb appeal to your Bay Area home

House exterior. Entrance column porchThe Bay Area is one of the best places to live in the country, but it can be a challenging housing market.

So once you’ve found the perfect house, secured the mortgage with the help of The Molina Group and closed, you might be thinking that it simply can’t get any better. It is the perfect house, right? However, part of the fun is making your new house your own.

Adding some curb appeal and even smaller do-it-yourself projects are great ways to personalize your new home. And it will accomplish more than making it your own! Making changes to the curb appeal will keep your home fresh and appealing, which will add value to your house if you should choose to sell it later on.

Doing simple maintenance tasks will make immense differences you might not have realized. Here are some quick tasks you can start doing today:

  1. Clean the outside of your home — This means power washing your house to get all the dirt and any scuffs or marks off, washing all your windows and cleaning all the doors. This simple task will easily give your home that new home “sparkle” again.
  2. Paint your house — Whether you choose to use the same color, or switch it up completely, painting, even just the trim on your house, will give it a fresh look.
  3. Take care of your lawn — This one might seem obvious, but it is overlooked more than you think. Mowing, getting rid of weeds and watering your lawn properly instantly increases the curb appeal on any house. When your lawn is well taken care of, then it is evident that you are caring for your whole house as well.
  4. Add some plants and flowers — Planters and pots are inexpensive and can be found to fit any style or color scheme. Adding a couple of flower pots to your porch in the spring and summer is an easy way to add color and texture.
  5. Take care of your driveway — The driveway is used daily, and not gently. It can become chipped or cracked and look a little shabby. Take the time to make repairs by filling in any holes or cracks, pulling weeds from the cracks and maybe even adding a fresh coat of paint to the garage doors.

Here is a list of other easy DIY projects you can consider starting this month. Whatever you choose to do, adding just the right amount of curb appeal will be beneficial to you and to the value of your home.

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